PBA Tournament of Champions Pro Am

April 6, 2005

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mike_pallen_1 Me and Patrick Allen.
mike_wiseman_1 Me and Danny Wiseman.
mike_group_1 My bowling group. Including Danny Wiseman and Ryan Schafer.
mom_danny_1 Mom and Danny Wiseman.
mom_group_sm Mom's bowling group including Tom Baker, Danny Wiseman and Chris Hayden.
Duke1sm Norm Duke - The star of the "show" trying to win over the fans.
mike_duke_1 Me and my buddy Norm.
mom_duke_1sm Mom and Norm Duke.
duke_card Norm Duke autographed card.
pin-1 Autographed pin side 1.
The pin was autographed by the following: Patrick Allen, David Anthony (regional), Tom Baker, Parker Bohn III, Jason Couch, Mike DeVaney, Norm Duke, Patrick Healy Jr, Steve Jaros, Tommy Jones (twice for some reason), Mika Koivuniemi, Ryan Shafer, Randy Peterson, Walter Ray Williams Jr., Danny Wiseman
pin-2 Autographed pin side 2.
pin-3 Autographed pin side 3.
pin-4 Autographed pin side 4.
program Program.